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Zeanuri, the retrofiting of a 200 years Caserio, following the Passivhaus Standart Criterion

The team has faced the poject with the objetive
to put in value the original architecture of the
The proposal is focus in clean the stone walls,
the wood in the ceiling, consolidate the building
from foundations, and improve the evelope performance
by new windows, and isolation of the wall.
The interior desing is focus in improve the
accesibility by a new elevator, and the use of
a limited palet of material, wood and a drark grey
that put in value de ligth of the original wood Roof
and stone walls.

  • Completion: In Construction
  • Project Type: Villa, Residence
  • Architects: Boris Véliz, Claudia Mendoza, Ibon Enriquez, Haizea Cañizares, Yanelis Garcia