Faisal al Shaykh, and arquitectura Veliz collaborate to assess the business feasibility of the project "All Ages City" from IMEPIS, S.A 

 In the framework of the EU program Pioneers Into Practice, from Climate KIC, Faisal al Shaikh, ( which is a high skilled professional in business administration and marketing for clean-tech, from Birmingham), is supporting our client, IMEPIS, S.A to increase their business opportunities.

All Ages City is a place of inclusion and ongoing learning which will aid the development of the region through local employment and commerce.
Making communities age-friendly is one of the most effective local policy approaches for responding to demographic ageing. The physical and social environments are key determinants of whether people can remain healthy, independent and autonomous long into their old age.

Older persons play a crucial role in their communities - they engage in paid or volunteering work, transmit experience and knowledge, and help their families with caring responsibilities. These contributions can only be ensured if they enjoy good health and if societies address their needs.

The aim is to provide housing at an affordable cost with a sustainable ethos based around use of the existing natural land and sustainable design of the buildings.

The partnership with AIDICO could bring to the project new opportunities.